We at Agama help you create an opportunity for yourself. Our technology bootcamps have been carefully designed for the under-privileged, under-represented but talented people of our community. All you need to bring in is your drive for excellence and desire to rise high. We screen through each profile and interview you personally before accepting you in our program.

Why Bootcamps?

Rapidly changing technology landscape requires everyone to keep learning new technologies to gain an advantage over other job seekers. 

More immigration restrictions making it harder for employers to retain immigrants and hire workers from other countries

Gender and diversity disparity isn’t bridging fast enough though most employers know about the benefits of diversity and have put diversity and inclusion on top of their agenda.  Source: Little progress on tech diversity

There is a consistent shortage of talent. About 1 million vacant jobs in 2019 and projected to grow to 4.3 million vacant jobs in 2030. In US alone, this could result in about $162 billion of unrealized revenue.  Source: Talent Shortage

What’s at the core of the above facts? An opportunity for radically changing how companies hire and retain tech talent. Agama realized this opportunity and has been hard at work to solve it for over a decade. We believe that one way to improve on all the facts above is to provide learning opportunities to anyone who has the potential to make their career in IT.  

Over several years, we have distilled these learning opportunities to specific and concise technology bootcamps that help professionals garner better opportunities or gain entry into the IT industry. When successful, these people turn into beacons of learning and hope for countless others in their community. 

Bootcamps at a glance

All of Agama’s tech bootcamps are designed for professionals who just need a little nudge and a collaborative environment to get into a hyper learning mode. Our instructors are skilled industry veterans who live and breathe the topics they teach. Actual course contents and projects are extensively customized based on the group’s collective understanding of the topics covered and prior experience.  

All our bootcamps are offered at our Fremont, California location. Our bootcamps run for about 6 to 8 weeks. Each class session is typically 2 hours long and is conducted during weekdays. We notify you of the exact schedule on your acceptance.

  • Software testing process and techniques 
  • Identifying and documenting test cases  
  • Test case management techniques using tools common in the industry 
  • Manual testing using various methodologies such as Black Box, Gray Box, White Box, Agile, and Ad-hoc. 
  • Introduction to testing techniques including Unit testing, Integration testing, Regression testing, System testing, Stress testing, Security testing, and Performance testing. 
  • Measuring the success of software testing using various metrics 
  • Deep dive into Web and Mobile application test automation using Selenium, Appium, and Java. 
  • Deep dive into Services test automation using Rest Assured and Java. 
  • Multiple projects and plenty of homework 
  • Project coordination and management 
  • Project planning and task identification 
  • Requirements gathering and analysis 
  • Business Analysis using tools common in the industry 
  • Business Analysis artifacts 
  • Defect and Change management using tools such as Jira 
  • Data analysis and management using tools common in the industry 
  • Data validation and verification 
  • Team coordination and communications 
  • UAT Planning and Execution 
  • Production Support 
  • User documentation and training

This course is based on book of knowledge (PMBOK) standardized by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Note: We are not a Registered Education Provider with PMI. Therefore, at this time, we cannot offer any official PMI certifications.

The topics covered are:

  • Project management framework and processes 
  • Project integration management 
  • Scope, schedule and resource management 
  • Cost and quality management 
  • Project risk and communications management 
  • Project procurement and stakeholder management 
  • Industry projects related to IT, health care and financial domains 
  • Introduction to Lean, Agile and SAFe methodologies 
  • Introduction to Agile roles such as scrum master, product owner and cross-functional teams 

Coming soon

We are planning to kickstart several bootcamps that will be available to you soon. When signing up on our interest list, please indicate the bootcamps you would be interested in. We will prioritize with the ones with the highest level of interest. 

Are you a developer who wants to add Java programming language on your tool belt?. This bootcamp is for you!

  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Design 
  • Object-Oriented Programming concepts with Java 
  • All about basic Java syntax  
  • Exception handling 
  • Data structures using collections and generics 
  • Multi-threaded programming 
  • Parallel or concurrent programming in Java 
  • Input/Output and Serialization/Deserialization in Java 
  • Introduction to advanced topics: 
    • Reflection
    • JDBC
    • Security and encryption
  • Java design patterns
  • Introduction to unit testing with JUnit and TestNG
  • Introduction to building systems with Maven and Gradle
  • Introduction to source control using Github

Designed for professionals who want to excel in running and monitoring their code on production or engineers who want to switch to DevOps roles full-time.

  • Operating system basics – Linux and Windows 
  • Networking concepts 
  • Security concepts 
  • Building software from source 
  • Introduction to scripting using Bash and Python 
  • Virtualization using VirtualBox, Vagrant, and VMWare 
  • Concepts of containerization using Docker and Kubernetes 
  • Version control with Git (using GitHub) 
  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins 
  • Configuration management concepts using Salt, Ansible and Terraform 
  • Basics of deploying and monitoring a distributed Web App 
  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services 
  • Introduction to Google Cloud 
  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure 

We prepare you for a ScrumMaster leadership role on a software team. Through this program, you learn how to lead an agile team using concepts such as sprints, sprint, and release planning., You will develop skills to protect your team’s sprint from external influences, the art of story pointing and prioritization as well as retrospectives. 

Interested to join?