Agama accelerates business success by running with non-core business processes or help scale critical business processes. We take advantage of talented and highly skilled experts in multiple time zones to complement and maximize your core staff productivity.  

Businesses, small and large have been relying on our outsourced business services for years. Our staff is highly specialized and has been fully dedicated to the businesses we serve. This is just like an extension of your team at the fraction of cost while making the rest of your teams highly efficient. 

Recruitment process outsourcing

Our talent acquisition services solve the challenge of compliance, scalability and cost for small to large businesses. Our RPO service simplifies acquisition by increasing qualified hires while significantly reducing hiring costs and time to fillOur diverse world-class recruiting talent provides services such as talent marketing, diversity and inclusion efforts, career portal management, career event planning and execution, social media management including LinkedIn and Glassdoor, sourcing, referral management, matching, interview scheduling, offer prep, acceptance and onboarding. Our recruiters are an extension of your team and take pride in meeting and exceeding all key hiring metrics. We are happy to work with the technology choices of our clients including all commonly use ATS and candidate CRM tools. We’d also be happy to implement the right technologies to help you hire and scale for years to come. 

IT Services

Funding for IT in a small startup can be challenging. So is scaling IT dynamically in a growing business. Worry no more! Agama can handle most of your IT needs at a fraction of the cost of growing and managing your own IT team. We can also augment your existing IT team so you can scale fast for evolving business needs and technology landscape. With Agama, you can choose any combination of the following services: 

  1. ✓ Provisioning and maintaining end-user devices including desktops, laptops, and mobile  
  2. ✓ Onboarding and offboarding employees 
  3. ✓ Security setup and monitoring for all IT managed services 
  4. ✓ Onsite help with Network design and maintenance 
  5. ✓ Desktop and server virtualization 
  6. ✓ Email management via Office 365 and Gmail 
  7. ✓ Cloud Services management and operations for Sales, Marketing and HR Tech 
  8. ✓ IT Service desk and ticket management 
  9. ✓ Remote workforce IT management 
  10. ✓ Voice and Video over IP services setup and maintenance 
  11. ✓ Company website development and maintenance 
  12. ✓ Custom business tools development 
  13. ✓ Systems integration 
  14. ✓ Building and managing data pipelines to move data from various business applications to the data warehouse or data lake of your choice 

Virtual assistants 

With the rapidly transforming digital world, we believe in looking at the bigger picture. The facility of having virtual Assistants is the next step to success where you have a person who works remotely as your right hand. Detail-oriented, focused, and driven individuals who strive to provide you the best assistance during the day. We assure you that we bring you simply the best after rigorous, multi-level vetting and vouch for their communication, digital skills, and resourcefulness. There are a host of things our virtual assistants can do including but not limited to: 


  1. ✓ Social media management 
  2. ✓ Event planning and management 
  3. ✓ Managing calendar, appointments and emails 
  4. ✓ Managing your digital footprint 
  5. ✓ Note-taking virtually during your meetings 
  6. ✓ Common office tasks such as booking business trips, filing expenses, managing team events, ordering food online for team lunch 
  7. ✓ Personal tasks including booking hotels and restaurants, online shopping etc. 

Data Annotation for AI

Are you working on using AI/ML to find insights or to make better intelligent and automated decisions? Whether you are working with text, images, or videos, annotated training data set is a must-have for any AI project. If your data scientists and data engineers are annotating data themselves, you may be spending your highly qualified staff’s time on tasks that can be done in a much more cost-effective way.  

Our secure data annotation services can help your data science teams to better execute on AI/ML projects such as computer vision, sentiment analysis, text categorization, etc. by expert staff trained


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