Software testing services for growing and scaling organizations

We help you assess quality gaps, define pragmatic testing strategies and infrastructure needed to support it and then build your dedicated software testing team to execute it over the long haul. Quality is never cheap, but our services will make it affordable to you while delighting your customers. 


How we work

Quality Review

  1. Existing Test plans
  2. Test & code Coverage
  3. Quality KPIs
  4. Tools/framework in use
  5. Bug backlog

Testing Strategy

  1. Agree on KPIs
  2. Scope of testing
  3. Tools selection
  4. Automation strategy
  5. Working as a team


  1. Staff the team
  2. One week training & mingling with Client/Development team
  3. Setup shared tools


  1. Testing & Automation
  2. Integration with CI/CD
  3. Custom tool development
  4. Daily standup
  5. Weekly Progress Reporting

As we work together with our customers, we optimize this process further especially if our customers already have a testing strategy in place.  

Our testing expertise

Using a combination of white-box and black-box testing, we capture as many test cases as possible including all test cases defined by your team as part of acceptance criteria. We employ pragmatic testing approaches to meet agreed on APIs using a combination of service level automation, UI automation and manual testing. We always work with the best and most cost-effective tools that improves our agility while meeting or exceeding agreed upon quality KPIs.

Unexpected slowdowns and failures can cause business disruption, unhappy customers and ultimately customer retention. Our highly qualified team works closely with your team to identify such issues before they leak into production to avoid embarrassing outages or slowdowns in your web applications, APIs and mobile apps. 

Whether we work in lockstep with your development team on new features or working on addressing test automation debt, our automation specialists identify and build the right solutions. We usually rely on dozens of open source testing frameworks but will happily build a custom framework if that’s what the situation demands.  

Our mobile specialists help you create high performing and high-quality mobile apps by testing your app across multiple platforms and devices, pragmatic automation and performance tuning. For quick feedback on new features, we support crowd testing your mobile apps with testers in multiple geographic areas. 

According to a 2013 study by Microsoft, over 76% of developers in US do not use any secure application programming process. While the study is a bit older, US companies continue to face security challenges resulting in revenue losses and bad press. We, at Agama, work closely with our clients to perform deep security testing using techniques such as penetration testing, vulnerability scanning and security scanning utilizing modern tools as well as manual effort. In addition, we also help with public standards-based compliance testing for standards such as ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, SOC II etc.