Good jobs like good companies come in all shapes and sizes. A contract job exists because maybe it is a tactical project; a rush to get things done faster or maybe it requires some rare skills. The market has been trending upwards for contract workers or freelancers it is projected that by 2027, over 50% of the total US workforce will be freelancing. 

Are you wondering if a contract role is right for you? Here is why you should give it a try:

  • ✓ Does the job come first or the experience? Don’t worry! With a contract job, you get both. 
  • ✓ You are a specialist, for example, a Salesforce developerYou have a great opportunity to share it with many employers while demanding top dollars. 
  • ✓ A new grad, a new immigrant, or getting back to work after a long break? A contract job can give you a break quicker. 

Why Agama?

For us, our contract employees are our partners and an important part of the big Agama family. You get the best of both worlds – experience working on a variety of projects from Fortune 500 to cutting-edge startups while getting the benefits of a full-time job. We offer :-

Healthcare coverage

Paid holidays

Up-skilling opportunities

What do our candidates say?

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